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So You Think You Can Dance...ON MY GRAVE? by jaldhar

A curses-based roguelike game.

Kanzepharaz of the one thousand and eight spires. Kanzepharaz capital of the Empire of K'thorv and since the succesful end to the war that led to the annihilation of the Pleiadic Oligarchy in K'threl, the richest and most splendid city in the Middle World. Kanzepheraz whose real estate prices have soared e'en beyond the calculation of the rainbow abacus of Thobis Himself.

Anathomelis, a princeling of the Imperial Clan needs a location for his new and expanded orgy dome. Yet the only available--and affordable on a seventh rank civil allowance--place left in the city of one thousand and eight spires is the tomb of Pharaz the First and Subsequent, lich-emperor of the Jerelite dynasty and his necromantic retainers. Before the construction-serfs can move in, the tomb must be cleared of its unshriven and non-rent-paying denizens.

As His Principalities' chief swordbearer it has fallen to you to make the tomb of Pharaz safe for gentrification. Treasures and honors await you if you succeed. Aeons of torment in the Planes of Unlife await you if you fail.



This program was written in C++ on Linux. There is no binary yet so you will have to download the source and run:

    $ make

You will need the following:

Optionally you can install the game into /usr/games by running as root:

    # make install

If you want to remove all the generated files, run:

    $ make clean

The Crowley Public License

Copyright (C) 2010, Consolidated Braincells Inc. All rights reserved.

Do what Though Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The License.


Jaldhar H. Vyas (


Jaldhar H. Vyas (


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